Qualifications of Key Personnel
Frederick E. Schultz


FREDERICK E. SCHULTZ received his B.S. degree in Biology from Western Illinois University and his M.S. degree in Marine Biology from the University of Mississippi. His graduate research described the reproductive biology and early life history of yellow bass (Morone mississippiensis) and its comparison to striped bass (Morone saxatilis), white bass (Morone chrysops), and white perch (Morone americana).

Mr. Schultz has much experience in fish and plankton sampling in Mississippi coastal rivers and the Gulf of Mexico. He aided in the sampling and identification of ichthyoplankton from a survey of the Mississippi Sound conducted by the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. He conducted a sampling program to collect freshwater fish and fish larvae in several of Mississippi’s coastal rivers.

He conducted sampling and identification of larval, juvenile and adult fish in Lake Pontchartrain for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers associated with the opening of the Bonnet Carre’ Spillway in 1997.

He has been responsible for identification and enumeration of Foraminifera related to siltation in Louisiana bayous, the surveying of streams for rare and endangered mussels, and investigations of oyster bed damage claims due to dredging, siltation and oil spills.

Mr. Schultz helped develop and implement an inspection and assessment program of oil field waste disposers, recyclers and transporters. The program completed assessments on over 300 companies over a 15 state area. He has also collected sediment and water samples associated with the discharge of drill cuttings from drill rigs and produced water from tank batteries.

He has directed and performed numerous Phase I property assessments in southern Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Wyoming, and North Carolina. He has also been involved in underground storage tank remediation projects and groundwater contamination investigations.

He has 40 hour HAZWOPER training and is certified to conduct assessments for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Oyster Damage Evaluation Board.

His primary fields of interest include ichthyoplankton, ichthyology, fish taxonomy and aquaculture.

Frederick Schultz
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